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Areti & Kavala

White marble constitutes the major part of the production from our quarries.
The number of our quarries allows us to guarantee large reserves of important and widely known materials. We can thus immediately satisfy the needs of our customers worldwide and safely and consistently respond to large construction projects around the world.

Marble a stone with soul

Chalky white surfaces and delicate veins exude purity, elegance and set it apart from other natural stones.

ARETI Quarry

Our “ARETI” quarry is located in the mountainous area of Pirgi Drama & it gives its name to the basic marble of our company .

For 15 years now, its gradual and methodical exploitation has been the basis of Dermitzakis Bros activity, as it produces the 6 basic types of our products: Areti White, Volakas, Perla, Lucina, Fiorito Arabesco. All types are white, with a unique gray or brown character.

Coverings an area of 200 acres its annual output is 10,000m3. The quarry is equipped with up to date mining & processing machinery.

The marble blocks which are excavated in Areti Quarry are directly exported worldwide, but also manufactured in our factory for the production of slabs, tiles and other products.

Kavala Quarry

Our company’s second own quarry is located in Stenopos Kavala, in the Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace, an area that is by far the most important area in Greece that contributes productively to the marble industry.

Οn our quarry in Stenopos we extract the world famous Kavala marble, semi white marble with greyish background

Since 2017 and guided by the needs of the global market, the quarry covers an area of ​​100 acres, has 4 active levels and an annual production of 3,000m3.